Aug 25

Migrating an EDI solution from BizTalk to Logic Apps – Part 1

The good thing about working in a consulting company like Theta is that you have the opportunity to work with all kinds of clients and projects with varying

By Alessandro Moura

Aug 14

Transform JSON in Logic Apps using Liquid Templates

I've been working with Logic Apps for the past two years and every time a client comes with a request is an opportunity to learn something new that I haven't

By Alessandro Moura

Jul 24

Dynamics, Business Central and Common Data Service Connectors with Logic Apps and Flow

I've received a task recently where I had to integrate data from Dynamics 365 (CRM system) to Business Central (Finance system) But before sending the data

By Alessandro Moura

Jun 28

Parameters in Logic Apps ARM templates

One of the things you have to do during your development for a Logic App is to parameterize your Logic App ARM template Working with parameters in Logic Apps

By Alessandro Moura

May 19

AWS4 signature with Logic Apps and Azure Functions

This post is based on one more integration project that I worked for Theta (a lot of good challenges happening there, that I can say) where I had to consume

By Alessandro Moura

May 18

Calling Azure Function Proxy with Open API definition from Logic App

I got a task from a project recently to make a call to an API from Logic Apps, and I thought that this was going to be an easy thing to do and there will be no

By Alessandro Moura

Apr 27

Publish/Subscribe with Logic Apps and Service Bus

In this post, I want to show how to create an integration pattern Publish/Subscribe with Logic Apps and Service Bus similar to what we have in the messaging

By Alessandro Moura
Logic Apps Management

Apr 13

Monitoring Logic Apps with Log Analytics

As part of the development of several integrations to one of our clients, we were requested to provide a solution for Azure monitoring Logic Apps with Log

By Alessandro Moura
Integration RoadMap

Oct 26

Integrate 2017 USA Recap

Today 10/26/2017 we had the first day of three for the Integrate 2017 USA conference and in the first day we learn what the integration platform can do for us

By Alessandro Moura
API Management Create API

Oct 19

Creating an OData service using Logic Apps – Part 4 – API Management

API Management Now that we have the full funcionality working in the Logic App flow, let's control better the URL's we are going to expose by using the API

By Alessandro Moura
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