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Steef-jan Wiggers
Steef-jan Wiggers

Apr 28

Creating Managed Identities API Connections for Logic Apps in Bicep/ARM

Recently I've been looking into moving all the API connections we have in Logic Apps (Consumption) to use Managed Identities as much as possible We had done

By Alessandro Moura

Mar 21

Optimizing for-each loops in Logic Apps with strings

I came to a challenging scenario where I needed to extract data from a cloud system by making several calls to that system API's and synchronize that with

By Alessandro Moura

Feb 14

Connecting an Azure Function to a SFTP server using SSH keys stored in Azure Key Vault

A couple weeks ago I posted a blog on configuring a Storage Account as a SFTP server I did that because I wanted to test the Azure Function that I was working

By Alessandro Moura

Jan 16

Configuring a Storage Account as a SFTP server

Recently I've been trying to connect to a On-Premises SFTP server using a SSH public-private keypair but I was having issues with Key Vault Because of

By Alessandro Moura

Jun 14

Open API Specification in Azure Functions

After a very long "winter" I'm back :) To start with I'll be sharing in this post how I did an Azure Function implementation with custom routes to show in

By Alessandro Moura

Apr 23

Azure DevOps Publish and Download Artifacts

For the past couple weeks I've been playing a lot with YAML Azure Pipelines And it's not as straightforward as I would like I can say It takes a lot of work

By Alessandro Moura

Apr 17

Creating a service connection in Azure DevOps

It has been a long time since I posted here It has a lot of reasons why is that like having my parents for a whole month, new responsibilities at work, the

By Alessandro Moura

Oct 24

Creating validation filters for WebAPI

While working in the development of new APIs for the organization that I work for, it came up with a couple of requirements to validate the input that the API

By Alessandro Moura

Sep 25

Azure Daily Budget Report Generator

Since we started using some Azure Services in our department, it came also the need to stay on top of the costs of the things we are doing I went right away

By Alessandro Moura

Jun 5

Creating a WebAPI End-To-End

In the past couple of months, I've been studying about WebAPI and how to create API integration components using this framework from Microsoft While learning

By Alessandro Moura
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