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Steef-jan Wiggers
Steef-jan Wiggers

Jun 5

Creating a WebAPI End-To-End

In the past couple of months, I've been studying about WebAPI and how to create API integration components using this framework from Microsoft While learning

By Alessandro Moura

May 2

Analyzing transactions in real-time with Event Hubs and Stream Analytics

Before going into the subject of this post, I would like to share that I changed jobs this past month I accepted an exciting position to work for ASB Bank as

By Alessandro Moura

Mar 13

Logic Apps 2018 Retrospective

Last year before heading off to a well-deserved vacation with my family, I did my last presentation of the year on the Integration Down Under user group If

By Alessandro Moura

Feb 14

Installing the Powershell Extension for BizTalk Administration

I've been working in the past weeks to setup a completely new BizTalk 2016 environments for a client, and I found myself in a situation where I will need to

By Alessandro Moura

Nov 28

Adding an API key to an Azure Function Proxy using Logic Apps

In the last project I've been working on, I got a requirement from a client where he wanted to consume an API exposed from Logic Apps with the security of an

By Alessandro Moura

Nov 21

Dealing with HTTP 302 in Logic Apps

In this post, I'll be talking about how to handle HTTP 302 status code in Logic Apps I received a simple request from a client where he wanted to call an

By Alessandro Moura

Oct 5

Migrating an EDI solution from BizTalk to Logic Apps – Part 3

In this 3rd party of the series, I'll be talking about how to send out EDI documents using Logic Apps Look at the 1st part of the series, where I explained

By Alessandro Moura

Sep 13

Deploying API Management with ARM Templates

I've been working in a client for a few weeks where the idea was to create some Logic Apps and expose them as API's to be consumed by internal applications

By Alessandro Moura

Sep 3

Migrating an EDI solution from BizTalk to Logic Apps – Part 2

Continuing the series of posts about migrating an EDI solution from BizTalk to Logic Apps, I'll be talking now about the configuration of Logic Apps and also

By Alessandro Moura

Aug 25

Migrating an EDI solution from BizTalk to Logic Apps – Part 1

The good thing about working in a consulting company like Theta is that you have the opportunity to work with all kinds of clients and projects with varying

By Alessandro Moura

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