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Posted: October 26, 2017  |  Categories: API Management Azure Function BizTalk Hybrid Logic Apps Service Bus

Today 10/26/2017 we had the first day of three for the Integrate 2017 USA conference and in the first day we learn what the integration platform can do for us and several new cool things that are going live soon.

I’ll try to summarize all that we have seen today in this post for each technology that was shown so far.

Integration RoadMap


  • Release of the Feature Pack 2 by end of November
    • It will be possible to backup to blob storage
    • There will be a newer version of the adapter to connect on the Service Bus that will work with partitions
    • Support for TLS 1.2
    • We will be able to expose our BizTalk endpoints in the API Management
    • Event Hubs will be able to send and receive BizTalk messages
    • BizTalk tracking data can send data to Event Hubs
  • Roadmap
    • There will be another Feature Pack by end of Q2 in 2018
    • There will be a vNext version of BizTalk by beginning of 2019

Logic Apps

  • New connectors:
    • Azure Container service
    • Marketo
    • Lithium
    • Office 365 Excel
    • Oracle EBS
    • SAP Trigger
    • Workday Finance
  • New features:
    • On-premisses custom connectors
    • On-premisse Data Gateway High Availability
    • Outlook webhook trigger
    • Outlook @mention
    • VSTS custom fields
    • SQL stored proc dynamic schemas
    • Azure File large support
    • Oracle views
  • What’s coming:
    • Concurrency control
    • Request trigger OAuth
    • Draft slot
    • Run action
    • Mock testing
    • Resubmit from failed action
    • XSLT with assemblies
    • JSON message handling
    • OMS Download
    • Snippets
    • Condition builder
    • Configurable logic app lifetime
  • Liquid – New mapping type:
      • Handle more complex JSON to JSON
      • Template language
      • Loops, conditionals, variables, etc.
  • New Pricing Model:
    • Native Actions: $0.000025
    • Standard Connectors: $0.000125
    • Enterprise Connectors: $0.001
    • Standard Integration Account ($1.35/hour):
      • 500 XML schemas & maps
      • 500 Partners & Agreements

      Basic Integration Account ($0.404/hour):

      • 50 XML schemas & maps
      • 2 Partners & 1 Agreement
    • Basic Integration Account ($0.404/hour):
      • 50 XML schemas & maps
      • 2 Partners & 1 Agreement

API Management:

  • Features:
    • Cloud hosted, fully managed
    • Works with APIs in the cloud or on-prem
    • Abstracts, protected and optimizes APIs
    • Provides API governance, insights, and analytics
  • We have several levels to make the proxies of our API’s as:
    • Global: e.g. CORS, Log
    • Product: e.g. Rate, Quota
    • API: e.g. JWT
    • Operation: e.g. Cache, URL, Body
  • Policy expressions
    • We can embed C# expressions in the construction of the policies:
      • e.g. <when condition=”@(int.Parse(context.Variables.GetValueOrDefault<string>(“bodySize”)) < 256*1024)”
  • Infrastructure
    • We can configure the visibility of the API to the public or only at the company intranet level
    • There’s a power BI template dashboard we can use to get a nice view of our APIM at

Service Bus

  • Messaging Landscape
    • Service Bus Queues and Topics – Business state transition
    • Event Hub – Flow data and telemetry in real-time
    • Event Grid – Reacting to the world around you
  • What’s new:
    • Service Bus / Grid integration – Receive messages without pooling
    • Geo Disaster Recovery – Pair 2 independent namespaces
    • .Net Standard client 2.0 release
      • Added websocket support
      • Support SAS token
      • Multiple bug fixes
    • Metrics
      • Available via portal/API
      • Metrics for entity and namespace
      • Active connections, incoming messages, outgoing messages, server errors, throttled requests
    • Standard to premium migration
    • Audit trail / receive request
    • Management – uptake of Role based access control
    • .Net standard client transaction support
    • More event grid events
    • Data DR and heartbeat for Geo DR
    • IP filtering
    • Express route / VNet support
    • Availability zones

Azure Functions

  • Events
    • React to timers, HTTP, or events from other Azure services like Logic App, Service Bus, etc.
  • Code
    • Create functions in C#, F#, Nose.JS, Java and more
  • Outputs
    • Send results to Logic Apps, Service Bus, Event Hub, Event Grid, etc.
  • Type of service and features:
    • Schedule: Trigger
    • HTTP (REST or Webhook): Trigger, Output
    • Blob Storage: Trigger, Input, Output
    • Events: Trigger, Output
    • Queues: Trigger, Output
    • Queues and Topics: Trigger, Output
    • Storage Tables: Input, Output
    • SQL Tables: Input, Output
    • NoSQL DB (Cosmos DB): Trigger, Input, Output
    • Push Notifications: Output
    • Twilio SMS Text: Output
    • SendGrid email: Output
  • Function bindings:
    • Low-code access to external resources
    • 23 bindings
    • Allows to work with preferred data types in code easily
  • Proxies
    • Enable routing to any other API available, cloud or on-prem
    • Provide a more simple solution without the need of API Management
  • Microsoft Graph
    • Set of APIs to handle Microsoft services:
      • Sharepoint
      • Azure Active Directory
      • One Drive
      • etc.

As you can see, there is a lot of good stuff in what was shown today, so after the event is done, I’ll work on some POCs so I can try myself the capabilities of the Hybrid Microsoft integration platform.

I still have two more days of the conference to attend, so I will post one more time at the end of it.

See you!!!

Author: Alessandro Moura

Certified BizTalk, Mulesoft, TOGAF and Azure. Integration Specialist. Solutions Architect.

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