Feb 14

Installing the Powershell Extension for BizTalk Administration

I've been working in the past weeks to setup a completely new BizTalk 2016 environments for a client, and I found myself in a situation where I will need to

By Alessandro Moura

Oct 5

Migrating an EDI solution from BizTalk to Logic Apps – Part 3

In this 3rd party of the series, I'll be talking about how to send out EDI documents using Logic Apps Look at the 1st part of the series, where I explained

By Alessandro Moura

Sep 3

Migrating an EDI solution from BizTalk to Logic Apps – Part 2

Continuing the series of posts about migrating an EDI solution from BizTalk to Logic Apps, I'll be talking now about the configuration of Logic Apps and also

By Alessandro Moura

May 10

Azure AD Domain Services Login Error

I'm doing a test installation of BizTalk Server 2016 with high availability in Azure and for that, I need a domain controller to join the BizTalk and SQL

By Alessandro Moura
Integration RoadMap

Oct 26

Integrate 2017 USA Recap

Today 10/26/2017 we had the first day of three for the Integrate 2017 USA conference and in the first day we learn what the integration platform can do for us

By Alessandro Moura

Oct 9

Integration Boot Camp

I had the pleasure of participating this year in the Integration Boot Camp at Microsoft in Charlotte, NC Our host Mandi Ohlinger, made sure that we had

By Alessandro Moura

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